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Recently diagnosed with sleep apnea or other breathing disorder?

This can be a scary time filled with uncertainty. Your life and the challenges you face will be unique to you and your treatment  shouldn’t be a one size fits all. Our Naples Oxygen and CPAP team will help you get the right equipment to treat your sleep apnea or other breathing disorders.  Together, we’ll find out which masks, devices and accessories work best for your lifestyle. 

You’re not alone. Naples Oxygen and CPAP has a team of certified, qualified professionals to help you navigate the options, the insurance paperwork and the use of your equipment.  

Our Services For Naples Oxygen and CPAP


Home Oxygen Equipment Services including Setup and Delivery


CPAP/BiPAP Equipment, Supplies and Re-Supply. SoClean CPAP Cleaner


Portable Respiratory Equipment


Sleep aides such as Pillows, CPAP accessories and Equipment Batteries.

5 Locations in Southwest Florida for your respiratory equipment and CPAP/BiPAP supplies.

Let’s keep that CPAP equipment clean.

Just a drop of water left in your CPAP mask or hose will cause germs and bacteria to grow.  Dirty CPAP equipment can make you sick. Clean your CPAP the right way with a SoClean CPAP Sanitizer.

SoClean CPAP Cleaning System


Kills 99% of Germs In Your CPAP Equipment


Ozone Filter


Cleans Your Entire System


Mercury Free


Completely Automated

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Lili is great. She is a wonderful human being. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to get a good night’s sleep.

– Pamela Marcon

Breathe Easier Naples!

Two locations in Naples to serve you better.

Since 2005, Naples Oxygen and CPAP in Naples, Florida, has been a leading provider of Respiratory Equipment and Supplies working directly with patients, families, doctors, health care facilities and health professionals. We provide the latest respiratory equipment and supplies for the treatment you need when and where you need it. At home or on the road, we are your “go to” company.

Naples Oxygen and CPAP offer state-of-the-art Oxygen, CPAP and Nebulizer devices for home and travel. Come browse through our CPAPs, Travel Portable Concentrators, Nebulizers, and numerous respiratory supplies. We have an educated and courteous staff to assist you every step of the way.  Our exceptionally attentive customer service professionals include trained Customer Service Representatives, Technicians and Licensed Respiratory Therapists, offering patients and healthcare professionals, instruction and informative education. We know that patience and understanding are key to compliance during this life-changing event. Most items in our showroom require a valid prescription.


For Patients

When your physician prescribes oxygen therapy, we deliver your equipment in an expedited manner and walk you through an otherwise confusing life change with patience and informative training and education. Your home concentrators are inspected semi-annually for purity and operation, and we ensure your supplies are available when it’s time to replace them.

For Physicians 

We offer same-day delivery with approved documentation and testing per the patient’s insurance guidelines. Hospital discharges are our specialty. We are available 24 hours a day/7 days per week for patients being discharged from a hospital or skilled facility. When documentation guidelines met, we can be there with an oxygen tank as quickly as within the hour, depending on conditions with the Naples busy winter season and the number of simultaneous hospital discharges.

What We Offer

Providing Portable Travel Concentrators In Naples

  • Home Oxygen Equipment Services including Setup and Delivery
  • CPAP/BiPAP Equipment, Supplies and Re-Supply Program
  • CPAPs / BiPAPs Equipment and Supplies
  • Portable Respiratory Equipment including Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Travel CPAPs and Portable Nebulizers. All have battery options, for convenient travel.
  • Sleep aides such as Pillows, CPAP accessories and Equipment Batteries.
  • Opportunity for transfer from your current respiratory provider if criteria has been met.

Our growth is because of our exceptional service.

“We knew the key to success was quality service and equipment”. “There were many companies all providing the same type of equipment and services”, says Hill. But in order to be better than the rest, Dave, Linda, and the staff had to walk the talk, and they did just that. Soon, Naples Oxygen was the “go to” respiratory provider. Fort Myers Oxygen was the company’s next venture to cover the Lee County area.

With increasing sales came an increase in staff, they went from 4 employees to over 12 in Naples alone. James Travis directed them to find a larger facility with room for retail space. The Pipers Crossing location was ideal with its visibility and size. One of the first and largest respiratory retail showrooms was born. As Fort Myers increased their volume, they too followed suit with their new larger location and showroom.

Patients can browse the merchandise, pick up brochures and get instruction and advice from the knowledgeable staff. Licensed respiratory therapists work with patients. Courteous, uninformed customer service technicians deliver, set up and maintain equipment. With continued growth and sales, Port Charlotte Oxygen and Sarasota Oxygen and CPAP were developed under the management of Alison Amico Vaznonis.

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Ordering your supplies off some online CPAP Shop won’t give you the personal interaction required to get a properly fitted CPAP mask.  Calling a 1-800 number and waiting 20 minutes to talk to a person in a call center isn’t what you need when you can’t sleep or breathe. 

As a provider, we want to get to know you on a personal level so we can understand your unique challenges.  Request an appointment with one of our experts and let’s work together in finding what’s right for you and your life.  

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Ernest of Naples Oxygen was extremely helpful with my many questions. He was able to tell me everything I would need from my Doctor to make a change from my previous prescription…

– Marcia Naes

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